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Some of our preorder item might be delay due to China restrictions. Kindly only order if you are able to wait for the item. Preorder usually takes 14-20 working days (2-4weeks)
About Us


FASH GRACE  was launched on the 1st of April 2014 by Ann whom like any other girls, thinks that a girl's closet is never enough for clothes. FASH GRACE is based preorder and with that concept , the founder believes that every girl deserves to have lower price clothes in exchange with the waiting time period. Our time period of waiting is usually 14-20 working days time. 

We offer a wide range of clothes that comes with a few accessories, bags and shoes to match with the primary source of our items. We bring in fashion inspired from all over the world including China, Europe Fashion, Korean Design Fashion, Thai Fashion etc.


We make sure to keep ourselves on trend. The latest print? We got it! The latest colour hue ? We got it! We offer a wide range of style too from basic attire, workfit, glam look, holiday vibes and make sure everyone of you have a bite of our clothes, and with 8 years of experience down the line, we know what's in and what's not. 


We call our followers Fashies! Nevertheless we keep everyone engaged on our social media so that you not only purchase a product from us, but you also purchase a relationship with us. Follow us on instagram and shopee ( USERNAME: fashgrace) . 


Our prices are definitely affordable for all because by being a 90% based preorder shop, we are able to cut down most of our costing and get the best price for you! Plus we have a fix sales 3 times in a year (1/4, 31/10, 11/11) , that way nobody will missed out the "surprise sale" we "suddenly" come out with.